"Sheriff George here!" Has it really been eleven years since Sheriff George woofed "Sheriff George here!" on his website? Basset hound Porter the Reporter is amazed 2017 has rolled into Sheriff George's Territory on the Internet. And wow, Porter's Blog has been in print for over six years now. So, browse the photos and keep up to date with Porter's Blog. (Maybe we can talk Porter into updating the photos too?)

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Porter woofs that he's going to keep the opening words of Sheriff George on this page. Memories of importance. Below are the original words.

Sheriff George here! Glad you could stop on by. Okay, I’ll admit it’s all about me…if you like basset hounds then that’s not all that bad, right?

I live in Edgemont, South Dakota. It took me a while to find the right home, since, you see, I’m originally from Ohio. Thank goodness the good people at Ohio Basset Rescue saved me back in 2001 (Paws to OBR!). Now I live in a great place!

Of course, I had to learn about things like cacti, goat head burrs, rattlesnakes, and that a basset hound just ain’t going to catch a Pronghorn antelope. BUT, there are rabbits here…oh yeah those rascally critters are everywhere, and that’s good.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my photos.


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